Country: England

Couple name: Mark Elsbury & Olga Elsbury

History: Championship in National - Britisch National 2011

Country: Taiwan

Couple name: Jim Chen & Anita Chen

History: Taiwan Standard Championship & Finalist in Singapore Open Dance Championship 2011.

Country: Ukraine

Couple name: Lyatov Volodymyr & Myshko Veronika

History: Ukrainian 10 Dance Champions 2007- 2012 & Semi-Finalist of European 10 Dance Championship 2011.

Country: Latvia
Couple name: Andrejs Rogovenko & Anna Voronchuka
History: Latvian Amateur Ballroom Championship in 2010 ~ 2012.

Country: England

Couple name: Ian Sharpe & Victoria Lawrence


Amateur Ballroom & Latin Champions from England 2006 - 2011 AND
2nd place in World 10 Dance Championship 2012

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Country: Spain

Couple name: Adrian Esperon Vidal & Patricia Martinez Pereira

2010-2011 Championship in Ameture Ballroom in Spain AND
Rank 12 of the world in Ameture Ten dances.